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OJ Simpson Trial

In 1995, I acted as the sketch artist on the OJ Simpson trials.
Here is a collection of the drawings from inside and outside the courtroom as the events unfurled.
Courtroom Personalities Panorama
Prosecution Team autographs
Defense Team autographs
Glove day looking at Goldmans
OJ Glove Grim & Deputies
OJ showing gloves to jury
OJ showing Darden Gloves
Shapiro swinging knife at DA
Mad Ito, Cochran & Darden
Dance of Death - Coroner & DA reinac
Marcia & Kato giving testimony
Swirling Dervish Marsha Clark
Cochran & Marcia arguing over Furhm
Various portraits and testimony
Ito & microscope & crowd
Camera,sound and evidence personal
Dr. Baden testifying forcefully
Both sides arguing over a point
Fuhrman, Lawyer & Marcia Court
OJ Hair Club 4 Men- everyone is bald
Newroom 12th Floor Panorama
Vince - Hallway TV Operator BW
Lt Brown & Deputies in court
Photographer at lunch
Hal Court photographer
Will B King & Crazies in Cafeteria
Homeless guy & not guilty signs
Bob K & Brown/Simpson family meeting
Furhman being escorted into court
Lunch with Simpson Family
OJ Simpsons Family
Simpson Family on verdict day
Ojs mother & sister Carmeleta
Cockran & NOIslam & Reporters
Mr. Johnny & Media Stair BW
Morning public raffle
Joe Bosco & Bob Shapiro
Judge Ito Portrait
Goldman news conference & Reporters
Goldman family crying at testimony
13th Floor TV OJ fight
Public crowd verdict day panorama
Cockran eyes & OJ Portraits
Goldmans Verdict Crying BW
Prosecution Before & After
Ito & Diedra final verdict
Simpson family women at verdict
Jury portraits & courtroom
Jury close ups
Verdict day leaving courtroom
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